Happy Children

At Choo Choo, Let’s Go! Learning is done in a fun, engaging and caring way, which encourages children’s curiosity and builds their confidence and self-esteem.

Playtime is Important

Our Early Childhood Educators will lead the journey with your child as he or she grows, learns, and plays.


Our fun and educational activities are specifically designed to help your child develop physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Our Programs

Childcare Kids


An engaging world where toddlers learn, explore and are stimulated through various mediums such as:

​Songs and Stories, Cuddles and Giggles/ Facial and Verbal Mimicking / Moving / Dancing, Crawling and Wiggling, Exercise and Outdoor time, all of this with lots of freedom to explore and learn.

We comply with all licencing requirements; our ratios are 1 teacher for every 4 Infants-Toddlers, although we endeavour to have extra staff available at all times in order to reduce the ratios during transition times, napping and other activities that would benefit from extra supervision.

Our teachers form strong, caring relationships with our children while guiding them through fun learning experiences at their own pace.

Infants will have access to multiple toys and sensory items to help stimulate mobility and learning.

Each child will have their own assigned mat to sleep on and a bedsheet. Extra sanitation measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all our children.


3  to 5 Years Old,   Junior Kindergarten

With a passionate, loving and caring team from qualified, experienced educators! This is where curious children become inspired and ready for school. Our preschool curriculum is based on:

  • The B.C. Early Learning Framework (Jr. Kindergarten)
  • Building upon the ideals of children’s well-being and belonging
  • Understanding the interactions between materials and our world
  • Building excellent communication and literacy skills
  • Illustrating and encouraging children to explore and create an individual identity
  • Building an understanding of social responsibility and diversity.

We also encourage learning through play and building on the ideas and work of Maria Montessori.

  • Building and fostering independence
  • Increasing observation skills
  • Following the child’s interests and current abilities and expanding upon those
  • Guiding the child as they learn and grow
  • Preparing the environment to create the best learning environment for the young child’s absorbent and ever-expanding mind.
Fully Licensed

We are licensed by the Ministry, inspected regularly and we meet all Ministry standards including proper caregiver to children ratios, updated records and regular safety drills. 

Professional, Qualified Team

The entire team is educated, certified and was very carefully hand chosen for their love of children, dedication to safety and child care and ability to encourage children in positive growth and development.

Health and Safety

Your child’s, your family and staff safety and health is a key focus and top priority. Our strict guidelines, combined with Ministry regulations ensures everyone at Choo Choo Let's Go! achieves the level of  cleanliness and security to safeguard all.

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Mon-Friday: 7:30am – 4:45pm


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